- How to choose your favorite rug -

Choosing a rug can be confusing as there are many designs and types.

An attractive vintage rug that will transform your room into a stylish one.
Rugs act as interior accents and enrich the expression of a room. If you want to create a stylish and comfortable room, rugs are the key.

“Is a rug really necessary?” Some of you may be wondering. A rug not only changes the atmosphere of a room, but also makes you feel warm under your feet, making you feel more relaxed.

Rugs can completely change the atmosphere of a room, so it's easy to get confused about the size and design. This time, we will introduce how to choose a rug that matches the type and size of the rug.

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Advantages of laying a rug

In the winter, it keeps the floor from getting cold, and in the summer, it stores cold air in coolers and other devices.

Laying a rug suppresses the sounds of daily life. It absorbs footsteps and noises even in homes with children.

It also prevents scratches on the floor caused by furniture. It also reduces the impact caused by falls.

Types of rugs handled by SHARK ATTACK

—Tribal Rug—

Vintage rugs from Eurasia and Africa. The so-called "tribal rugs" were originally woven by nomads living in the desert and used as tools for their daily lives. As these people did not live in one place, they expressed their identity by weaving tribal patterns into easily portable rugs.

The rugs, which have been deeply rooted in the lives of people living in a climate and climate different from Japan, have an exotic charm and are rich in color , even red is reminiscent of saffron spice and desert sunsets. gives color to the space.

— kilim —

Kilim is a plain weave of wool woven by the Turkic tribes and nomads who live in the Anatolian Highlands of Turkey and across a wide area of ​​Central Asia. Because it is a "plain weave" , the pattern on both sides is the same and there is no pile.
Kilims have been used not only as rugs, but also as storage bags, covers, table cloths, and blankets. The material is wool, and
compared to fluffy rugs, it is flat and a little harder to the touch.

Hobby Room

Recommended size: 400-1,000mm

A size that can be used anywhere. It's easy to incorporate and can be used as a wall-hanging interior decoration like a tapestry that you can enjoy combining.
Why not create your own favorite space by combining it with your favorite accessories, vases, plants, etc.

Dining Room

Recommended size: 1,200-3,500mm

In the dining room where you eat every day, a rug will not only prevent dirt on the floor and noise from moving chairs, but it will also give the room a gorgeous and warm impression.
It is a space that is particularly easy to get dirty, but if you spill drinks etc., if you wipe it off immediately, it will not get stained and it is easy to clean at home.
Consider the space you have to pull the chair and choose a size that won't get caught on the rug.

Living Room

Recommended size: 1,200-3,500mm

In the living room, which is the center of the room, a rug adds color to the space. Tribal rugs with excellent detailed designs can create a relaxing space with an elegant impression.
Choose a size that will cover the entire front of the sofa for balance.