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*Fat Lava is a popular flower vase manufactured in West Germany.

Among them, flower vases are manufactured by *BAY KERAMIK, a manufacturer that produced many cutting-edge avant-garde designs and famous designers at the time, and is still loved by collectors around the world .

The mark there is embossed and the word BAY can be clearly seen.

Drips of white glaze on the brown base,

As the name Fat Lava suggests, it is a beautiful item that expresses " Lava " .

Not only can it be used as a vase, but it can also be used as an object as an accent to your interior.

How about using it for your home or as a store fixture?

Please consider this opportunity.

*For more information on Fat Lava and BAY KERAMIK, please click here .

If you would like any other detailed images or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Country:Made in Germany
Material: Ceramic

Size: Diameter/8cm Upper diameter/8.5cm Height/17cm

Condition: Our products are vintage and USED items, so there may be signs of use, deterioration, and small scratches due to age. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Delivery: Sagawa Express (60 size)

We do our best to describe the product in the product details section, but please understand that there may be some scratches, dirt, discoloration due to age, etc. that cannot be fully explained.

We have photographed the listed products to be as similar to the actual product as possible, but there may be slight differences in color.
Please note that the color of the product may differ from the actual color due to the nature of computer displays.

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