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A 5-light chandelier made by AKA, Germany.

It features a chrome frame with an S-shaped curve.
When you turn on the light, the design appears to stand out.

It also has a slightly yellowish design shade that gives off a warmer light.

The amount of light is perfect with 5 lights, so
Highly recommended for your home as well as store fixtures.

Please consider this opportunity.

*Since the weight is 5 to 10 kg, please use the metal fittings on both sides of the full hanging rosette with hooks to attach it.

・You can immediately hang it on the ceiling by attaching the ceiling parts.
-The power source is an outlet type, but it can be replaced with a hook ceiling (sold separately) (¥880).
- All cords and outlets have been replaced with new ones.
・Both power supplies and light bulbs that meet domestic standards can be used. Bulb size = E26 Maximum wattage = 40W equivalent (fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs can be used)
- Light bulbs are not included, so please purchase them at your local electronics retailer.
-Chain (cord) length can be changed. When ordering, please write your desired length in the notes section. Depending on the length, additional charges may apply for processing.

If you would like any other detailed images or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Material: Chrome/Glass

Size: Height/61cm Width/57cm Depth/55cm Weight/8.42kg Caliber/E26

Condition: Our products are vintage and USED items, so there may be signs of use, deterioration, and small scratches due to age. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Delivery: Sagawa Express (200 size)

We do our best to describe the product in the product details section, but please understand that there may be some scratches, dirt, discoloration due to age, etc. that cannot be fully explained.
We have photographed the displayed products to be as close to the actual products as possible, but please note that due to the nature of computer displays, the colors may differ from the actual colors.

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