Nyoro Poon

木好房 DAIROKUSKU: Nyoropoon

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like the trees in the forest

We consider the curve of the wood to be unique, and each spoon is carved with a knife to match the grain of the wood.

Even the same Onigurumi has different colors and lengths, so each one has a different expression.

No two rolling shapes are the same, and each one has its own individuality and charm.

Although it looks delicate, it is surprisingly durable because the grain of the wood runs through it.

It is used as a coffee stirrer, as a condiment, and as a practical object.

The length and spindly shape are each different because they are handmade, but that's what makes them so appealing.

At the time of delivery, we will send you the combination.
please note that.

Perfect as a small gift for your friends.

* The coating is tableware urethane coating.

In 1986, his father, Hiroyuki Oyu, opened a workshop, and Kentaro Oyu now takes over the production of furniture that can be used for generations.

In an area with distinct seasons, we mainly produce tables, chairs, and benches using local wood.

The materials (wood) are purchased in the form of logs from the forest cooperative market, and after being sawn and naturally dried, they are transformed into works.

I strive to create simple designs that utilize materials as much as possible, and enjoy working diligently to create furniture that customers can live with for a long time.

Material: Onigurumi

Size: Spoon length 12cm to 17cm, stand height 4 cm to 4,5 cm

Condition: Brand new
Delivery: Sagawa Express 60 size

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