At SHARK ATTACK, you can rent or lease items starting from 10% off the sales price.

Basic flow of lease

Lease terms

[About lease lending]
Lease lending is only available to corporations, individual business owners, and organizations. We do not allow leases to general individuals.
Payment must be made in advance and only cash is accepted. Products with a unit price of 2,000 yen or more are eligible for lease.
*If you have a large number of items or large items, please contact us in advance.

[Other notes]
As a general rule, we do not accept rentals of rugs or imported items.
However, [Lease/Outlet] products and imported decoration items can be leased.

Furniture, especially chairs and tables, may not be available for rental depending on the usage environment. (In environments where the user must always sit on a chair, where food and drinks are served at a table, etc.)
Please note that we are unable to lend furniture to restaurants. For any damage caused, we will charge you the cost calculated based on our regulations.Items marked as [Lease/Outlet] may be slightly used or sat on for photo shoots, etc.
◎Please note that if you fail to abide by the above terms, we may refuse future transactions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Product pickup

Please select the product you wish to lease at the store. Some items are not available for lease, so please check with the staff in charge. If you do not want to visit the store and choose from the web store, please contact us by phone in advance.

About payment

Please pay in cash at the store when picking up the product. In addition, we will calculate the number of days as the lease period from the hold start date.

About rental

Once payment has been completed and the hold has started, please pick up the product. If it is difficult to pick up the item on the same day, it is possible to pick it up at a later date. Basically, we ask the customer to pack and pick up the item themselves. If we pack and deliver the item to you, we will add 5% of the lease price as packaging costs. To avoid damage during transportation, please bring packing materials such as cardboard, blankets, and cushioning materials when picking up the item. Please also check the condition of the product with the staff in charge upon delivery.

About returns

When returning the item, please package it in the same way as when you picked it up so that it will not be damaged, and bring it to the rental store. Our staff will check that the condition of the item has not changed from when it was rented, and that there is no damage. If there is a difference in condition or damage, we will charge you the cost calculated based on our regulations.

[Notes during lease and when picking up and returning leased products When picking up or returning leased products, customers are asked to pack the product themselves to avoid damage.
Please prepare packing materials such as cardboard, blankets, and cushioning materials.
If there is a change in the return date, please be sure to notify us at least 3 days before the original borrowing date.
If the condition of the product when you return it is clearly different from when you rented it, or if there is any damage or breakage, we will ask you to purchase it at the retail price.
Even if the glass product is broken or damaged, please be sure to return it once.
If a product on the web store is available for lease, it will be written as "★HOLD ~ until ◯ month ◯ day" on the web store.
Purchase reservations may be made by other customers, so if there is damage or if you wish to purchase the leased product after the lease period ends, please contact us.
Please contact the store in charge as soon as possible.

Rental (Rental Plan)


Rental fee

period Rental fee (based on sales price)

On the day


Within 3 days


Within 1 week


Within 2 weeks

twenty five%

Within 3 weeks


Within 1 month


Period of more than 1 month

Consultation required

*The hold will start from the moment the payment is made, and that period will also be included in the lease period.

*The above price list is based on the hold start date.

*In the event of an extension or delay, charges will be made on a weekly basis.

Rental Example

period Rental fee

On the day (10%)


・Within 3 days (15%)


・Within 1 week (20%)


・Within 2 weeks (25%)


・Within 3 weeks (30%)


・Within 1 month (35%)


[Special notes/precautions]

・Customers are responsible for packaging, shipping, and returning the product. We will provide a separate estimate for packaging, delivery, and collection at our company. Also, depending on the product, we may not be able to deliver it.
・Some lighting, carpets, and imported products are not eligible for lease.
- If the product is damaged or damaged during the contract period, we will repair/replace or purchase the product after confirming the situation.
- When returning the product, if there is a clear difference in condition or defects from when you rented the product, you will be responsible for picking it up.