Vintage 2-light glass x iron chandelier (Osaka store)_PLCH-190213-11


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Introducing a vintage 2-light glass x iron pendant light. An attractive item with iron decoration and ceramic base. Yellow wave glass shade It creates a fantastical effect on the light that passes through it. It can create a variety of spaces, not only your home, but also bars and restaurants. Please consider this opportunity. ・You can immediately hang it on the ceiling by attaching the ceiling parts. -The power source is an outlet type, but it can be replaced with a hook ceiling (sold separately) (¥432). - All cords and outlets have been replaced with new ones. ・Both power supplies and light bulbs that meet domestic standards can be used. - Light bulbs are not included, so please purchase them at your local electronics retailer. -Chain (cord) length can be changed. When ordering, please write your desired length in the notes section. Depending on the length, additional charges may apply for processing. If you would like any other detailed images or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. - When inquiring about this product, 06-6551-0345 Please come to SHARKATTACK Taisho store. ■ Brand / Country / Year ■ Condition/Operating environment ■ Material / Material ■ Sizing ■ Delivery method/Shipping size From EURO There are signs of use, scratches, dirt, and deterioration. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Brass x fabric Height/60cm Width/57cm Depth/24cm Diameter/E-26 Weight/5.1kg Sagawa Express

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