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Introducing pendant lights arrived from Europe.

This pendant light features a glass shade.

This European-style lighting, which is rarely seen in Japan, has four points around the shade covered with mosaic glass.
It has a design that gives you a sense of individuality.

Coupled with the gold iron frame, it has a beautiful design.
It will make your room look a little more luxurious.

Due to the material used, it is extremely light and can be hung easily.

How about taking this opportunity?

*There are minor scratches etc.

If you would like any other detailed images or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

・The socket and cord have been replaced with new ones.
・Bulb is not included.
-The power source is an outlet type, but it can be replaced with a hook ceiling (sold separately) (¥440).
If you also order the ceiling parts, you can immediately hang it on the ceiling.
Please check this out for details.
・Both power supplies and light bulbs that meet domestic standards can be used. One socket can support up to 40W.
*When using an LED bulb, it can support up to 100W. -The length of the chain (cord) can be changed. When ordering, please write your desired length in the notes section.
・The basic chain length is 1m.
For extensions, a fee of 2,200 yen including tax will be charged for each meter.
*Processing fees include tax.

- For inquiries about this product, please call 06-6551-0345
SHARKATTACK Taisho Main Store

Please. ■ Brand / Country / Year ■ Condition / Operating environment ■ Material / Materials ■ Sizing ■ Delivery method / Shipping size From Netherlands
Since it is an old item overall, there is damage such as scratches, dirt, and deterioration. Since this is a USED item, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Glass, iron Overall height/23cm Width/13cm Depth/13cm Weight/1.55kg Socket base/E-26
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