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A solid texture and minimal design that takes advantage of the characteristics of iron,
A console table with a slim structure of 33 cm in depth that can be used anywhere.

Of course, it can be used as a wall-mounted display table.
Designed to be suitable for double-sided use as a counter or space divider.

The shelf board that connects the two top boards adds a neat look as an accent to the design, and also functions as a reinforcing structure to prevent the shelf board from becoming distorted, so you can safely place heavy items such as vases and books on it. You can use it with care.

Equipped with an adjuster function at the end of each leg, it is possible to adjust the tension of the floor and differences in carpet, etc. Since the adjustment parts are made of stainless steel, they are resistant to moisture and have the effect of preventing corrosion.

It was designed and developed by Sei Takubo of ANYNAL . INC., who also worked on the outdoor brand KICHI, and was produced in collaboration with Sato Kogyo, a metal processing company in Ota Ward.
The surface has a finish that does not impair the appearance of the iron itself by suppressing the gloss, creating a neutral appearance that eliminates the ruggedness associated with metal.

In order to take advantage of the charm of the material, this item is made with attention to detail in pursuit of beauty while eliminating waste.


"Awareness" gained through first-hand experience with vintage items from various countries

New “manufacturing” created through interaction with countries, cultures, people, and technology
We wind together cherished thoughts and encounters like a "reel" and evolve together.

“RIL” is a project that continues to take on challenges without being bound by concepts and creates new value.

Brand: RIL

Material: iron, brass

Size: Width/110cm Depth/33cm Height/78.1cm
Condition: Brand new
Delivery: Sagawa Express 180 size
*We have photographed the listed products so that they are as similar to the actual products as possible, but there may be slight differences in color. Please note that the color of the product may differ from the actual color due to the nature of computer displays.

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