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MYTONESKU: The hottest fire / yellow

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Item No.The hottest fire / yellow

A new design is now available for MYTONE's original TOWEL BLANKET .

It looks great on white walls and is easy to match with any interior decoration, and since the color of the pattern is reversed on the front and back, you can use different colors to match the situation.

In addition to being used indoors as a towel blanket for summer bedding, it is a convenient piece that can be used for a variety of outdoor purposes, such as a beach sheet, a blanket for camping, and more.

It can be washed in a washing machine, so it is easy to care for at home.
Made of 100% cotton, it is hard to pill and can be used for a long time while maintaining its quality.

Cotton material is cool in summer and warm in winter.
Because air is trapped between the fibers, it has good breathability, and it absorbs moisture from the inside and releases heat to the outside, making you feel cool.
Also, in winter, the layer of air acts like an insulator, keeping your body warm.

It is also a convenient piece that can be used in outdoor situations such as sheets and blankets at the beach or camping.

Three types of artwork created with the theme of "NATURE" have been incorporated into towel blankets that can be used for a variety of purposes.

This product "The hottest fire" has a cream-brown pattern drawn on a yellow base with a flame motif.

As a towel blanket for bedding.
Hang it over the backrest or seat of the sofa as a sofa cover.
It can be used as an interior decoration in various scenes.

Produced at a factory in Imabari, which is famous for producing towels, the reliable quality of Japanese products and the warmth of handmade products are also appealing.


Material: 100% cotton
Size: 92cm×170cm
Condition: Brand new
Delivery: Sagawa Express 100 size

We have photographed the listed products to be as similar to the actual product as possible, but there may be slight differences in color.
Please note that the color of the product may differ from the actual color due to the nature of computer displays.

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