Flat plate (large)

MORISKU: MORI-hirazarabig-terracotta

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A flat plate with a simple form without an outer frame that is suitable for serving.
The moderately rising edges also serve to prevent some of the liquid from overflowing.

The structure is slightly larger than the required size, creating a beautiful blank space when serving.
The matte material brings out the color of the ingredients.

The unique glaze texture and dignified appearance make this a beautiful vessel that stands out in a wide variety of cuisines.

The glaze is persimmon glaze applied unevenly,
The elegant finish color makes it perfect for everyday use at home, as well as
Recommended for lively places such as home parties.

It is also dishwasher and microwave safe and has practical functionality.

" MORI "

It is a platform that delivers creations through collaboration between professional creators from various fields and Masashi Mori, an interior stylist and product designer.

We develop products that decorate tabletops, such as vessels and vases, designed from an editorial perspective that takes into account the styling of the entire space, not just individual items.

The series, created in collaboration with potter Takanori Yano, has just the right size and durability, and the shapes and colors have a subtle, extraordinary essence embedded in them, enriching your daily dining table.

Koutoku YANO

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Representative of the pottery studio ``Shiki Kado''.
Trained at a Ueno ware pottery in Fukuchi-cho, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture.
While enrolled in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Tokyo University of Agriculture, he suffered from a serious illness, which led him to pursue a career in pottery.
Using soil from Arita, Shigaraki, and Echizen, we aim to create works by listening directly to the voices of those who use them.
He has a studio in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo and is currently engaged in creative activities.

Material: Ceramic

Size: Length/28m Height/1.5cm

Condition: New/dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe

Delivery: Sagawa Express 60 size

Because our products are handmade, even the same product may vary in shape, size, and color pattern. Please note that all colors have a matte surface finish, so if you leave food with strong pigments on it for a long time, the color may transfer. We recommend that you wash and dry your clothes immediately after eating.

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