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TIPTOE table legs are innovative items that allow you to create your own stylish table with free imagination.

Featuring a matte texture and sophisticated silhouette, it fits any interior style. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, so you can easily customize it by simply combining it with your favorite tabletop.

They're also made from sustainable materials and designed to last, making them durable and environmentally friendly, combining beauty and functionality.

-Please install so that the legs are perpendicular to the floor or ground.

・We recommend a thickness of 3cm to 4cm for the top plate.

・When using on a top plate with a length exceeding 160cm, please attach four or more of this product.

・When using on a circular top plate, please attach 3 to 4 pieces.

Within 90cm in diameter: 3 pieces

Within 140cm in diameter: 4 pieces

*This leg is sold in units of one.

If you would like any other detailed images or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Material: Steel
Size: Height/43cm
Condition: Brand new
Delivery: Sagawa Express 80 size
Please note that due to the nature of computer displays, the color of the product may differ from the actual color.

Créez sa table basse ou son banc - Petit pied TIPTOE from TIPTOE Design on Vimeo .

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