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luna / madder dyeing

A work that focuses on “realism”.

It is not visible from the Earth, let alone the surface side.
We have reproduced every detail of the craters on the far side of the moon.

The surface has a texture that sparkles depending on the angle of light.

When lit, the unevenness of the craters becomes visible, giving a more realistic look to the moon.

In addition, the outside remains even after being lit, so you can enjoy it even after using it as a candle.
(Please note that this will depend on the usage environment, such as the presence or absence of wind.)

Color: Akane (light pink)
Size: Approximately 1/463.440.000 of the moon (7.5cm, equator)

- ARATi -

I create candles with designs inspired by my lifestyle, what I feel while traveling around the world, and inspiration from nature such as sea creatures, the color of the sky, plants, and insects.

Material: vegetable wax, madder
Size: Approximately 7.5cm in diameter
Condition: Brand new
Delivery: Sagawa Express (60 size)

✳︎ We use 100% vegetable candle wax.
Due to the characteristics of vegetable wax, cracks will always appear on the surface.

Each candle is handmade one by one.
Color tone, color transparency, etc.
All are different.
Please note that the photos are for illustrative purposes only.

- We strive to make the photos as accurate as possible, but there may be slight differences in color depending on your display environment.
Also, the color of candles inevitably fades over time after they are made.
We will not sell items that have significantly faded color, but please note that there may be slight color changes as the photo was taken immediately after production.

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